Chrissie Smaldon

Project Lead

Chrissie will oversee the aims and goals of the team roles, offering strategic operational support, evaluating activities and raising the profile of the work carried out by Sunflower Recovery Project staff, volunteers and partners, promoting collaborative working to support women within the community.


Becky Sanders


Becky will work to help create hope, in the pre, post & present phases of treatment enhancing the belief that lasting change can be achieved. Becky will work toward creating a support network inspiring hope & help develop a peer support community. Becky will be involved in the recruitment & training of peer support mentors who have successfully completed treatment at Longreach or Trevi House. Peer mentors will receive training & support to be recognised as ‘sisters’.


Sarah Harry


Sarah will be the dedicated worker assisting women with practical advice regarding debt, ID procurement, housing, rent / debt issues, on-going budgeting & financial advice; advice which is available at all stages of treatment. Sarah will also assist in securing safe, suitable accommodation and making a home by offering support with furnishings.


Juliet Johns & Becky Kat


Becky & Juliet will offer the vital support that the women need when entering & exiting treatment. The role is designed to help keep the women connected by working alongside the peer support mentors & delivering an ‘after care’ group, helping the women to maintain their recovery & develop healthy, supportive relationships.

Nancy Pederson

Recovery Capital

Nancy will assist in terms of women learning the tools that they need to create change, helping women to develop a structure that supports a normal healthy life abstinent from drugs & alcohol. Nancy is keen to develop a social enterprise employing creative skills to make high quality items helping women to develop self-confidence, self-esteem and develop skills that assist with future employability as well as creating a commercial opportunity