Our mission is to create ‘ASPIRATION’, inspire ‘HOPE’, and empower ‘CHANGE’.

The Sunflower Recovery Project

Sunflower Recovery Project has emerged in response to gaps identified by the women who use both services for the treatment of their drug and alcohol addiction. Whilst all the women we have spoken to talk positively about the services currently provided by both Trevi House and Longreach, the aim of Sunflower Recovery Project is to add value to the work already being delivered, and enhance the outcomes of women already in contact with these services. Sunflower Recovery Project aims to enhance the overall support available to women; improving treatment journeys and the opportunities for healthy reintegration into the community.

How The Sunflower Emerged


Out of our discussions with many women, the theme of a ‘Sunflower’ emerged which we have collectively embraced as the symbol of our project. As one woman described it:

“I love the sunflower, as it makes me think of things growing from a small seed into a beautiful flower…..it gives me comfort on my recovery journey, and something to aspire to”.

Current Research

In addition to the views of our service users, current research demonstrates that addiction is rarely if ever a single dimension issue for women and that most women arrive in treatment with a combination of issues much more complicated than those of men, and with greater social stigma attached. In examining the life histories of our service users, we have identified two elements that many women share in addition to their dependence upon chemicals: the lack of healthy relationships and the experience of trauma (e.g.: physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, poverty). These elements, combined with the consideration of pregnancy and children create multiple issues that are interrelated in women’s lives. Issues which we believe require a specialised multi-dimensional approach to be considered in their treatment and recovery.

The four key areas as outlined here would all be overseen by newly created positions of dedicated professional staff.

Sunflower Recovery Project has been designed and developed around supporting four key areas of a woman’s recovery. The four key areas are all linked to building a lasting recovery from drugs and alcohol, and supporting and empowering women to achieve their full potential. For the purposes of Sunflower Recovery Project, we use the following definition of ‘recovery’.